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Issue #71 "Howard Morgen"

Issue# 71

Issue #71 - $8.95

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Paul Simon, Michael Spriggs, Bill Cooley, Kirk Sand and Muriel Anderson & Tierra Negras

Howard Morgen
“Still Crazy After All These Years”
© 2010 Howard Morgen

Michael Spriggs
“Gee 35”
© 2010 Michael Spriggs

Bill Cooley
“Hittin’ On All Six”
From The Return Journey
© 2009 Nancy Lee Music

Muriel Anderson & Tierra Negra
From New World Flamenco
© 2009 Tierra Negra Records & Muriel Anderson, CGD Music

Joe LoPiccolo
From Night
© 2010 Joe LoPiccolo

Adam Rafferty
“Shelter Island”
© 2010 Adam Rafferty

John McClellan